The image quality of lenses for digital photography

Author : Dr. Karl Lenhardt, Bad Kreuznach

The imaging of structure details

Digital photography at this time is in the
process of an enormous expansion. In
Germany, the number of digital cameras
already exceeds in terms of value the number
of all other types of (conventional) cameras
sold. The number of different kinds is almost
incomprehensible, too.

If one takes only the digital cameras with
image sensors (CCD's or CMOS's) with 2
million pixels or more, there are already over
80 different models.


As a result, anyone who is considering the purchase of a digital camera is confronted by an enormous flood of information which must be sifted and classified.

The question is -- what criteria must be applied to accomplish this? Intuitively -- if
somewhat imprecisely -- someone might say: by the quality of the picture produced. It is precisely this subject which the following article is devoted to.