ALPA - the toolmakers

ALPA cameras are precision tools. Made with passionate and skilled craftsmanship for a small group of connoisseurs. Much like musical instruments, cameras of this caliber require the practiced fingers (and the eye) of a master. Such photographers do not require automatic functions. Or a constant stream of new models. ALPA cameras simply provide the same as all good tools and instruments – the best possible quality in design, material and manufacture. In the hands of a master they can produce photographic results far above the mediocre. Many experts consider ALPA cameras the best and most versatile of their kind. For many photographers they are also the most beautiful and the most desirable.

„[…] The camera’s feel is almost impossible to explain to anyone who has not handled it – the ALPA simply exudes quality. To say that it is just another wide-angle camera is to call a Spitfire ‘just another aeroplane’. Everything about it is as well made as it can possibly be, but there is more than that; it is touched by magic […]” (Roger Hicks). There is nothing we can add to this.

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