B+W Professional Line in dark blue packaging

The B+W Professional Line F-Pro for ambitious photographers with sophisticated requirements

In the B+W Professional Line, every enthusiastic photographer can draw on the full product range and find the right B+W quality filter for his application. Various types of B+W filter holders and glass types with numerous diameters are available to suit every requirement.

The all-rounder among the B+W filter holders is the B+W F-Pro. The whole world of B+W filter types and diameters is available with this versatile ring. The B+W F-Pro has high mechanical stability though with a very low profile and is thus suitable for many wide-angle lenses. To make sure no vignetting occurs, a reliable rule of thumb is to use focal lengths no wider than 35 mm for full frame DSLR and a focal length 24 mm for the APS-C format. In addition, shots without any vignetting can be taken with numerous wide-angle lenses. The F-Pro mounts have a full front thread for additional accessories.

All mounts in the B+W Professional Line are precision-made of brass. Brass is well known for being dimensionally stable and robust which guarantees that filter mounting will remain smooth and easy over the long term. The filter glass rests in the brass mount without any movement or strain, and is therefore exactly parallel to your sensor which guarantees the maximum imaging performance. All mounts are matte-black hard chrome-plated. This prevents any possible side-effects from flare caused by reflections from the mount.

In addition, the B+W Professional Line includes two other types of mounts that are used for special lenses: on the one hand, insert filters, series 7 and 8, a special type of filter mount for certain, mostly older, lenses, and on the other, the EW oversized wide-angle holder with oversized dimensions. The mount and filter glass extend beyond the screw-in thread on the lens side which is particularly necessary for large-format cameras.

The filter-glass types in the B+W Professional Line come standard with the single layer E coating, but are also available with the high-quality MRC multi-layer coating. The multi-resistant coating consists of a perfect broadband multi-layer anti-reflection coating and a hydrophobic surface that has been enhanced with an outer layer with remarkable features. On the one hand, this layer protects the filter from scratches thanks to a property that hardens the coating and on the other this surface creates a dirt and water-repellent effect. The filter surface is therefore easy to clean.

B+W 010 UV haze filter with MRC coating in F-Pro mount