Unifoc System

The helical focusing mounts UNIFOC 58 and UNIFOC 76 are especially designed for
the use of Schneider-Kreuznach enlarging lenses in combination with linear and area CCD cameras. This combination allows the imaging of small objects with an
extraordinary high image quality.

Unifoc 58

Many machine vision applications require the imaging of small objects from distances of only a few centimeters. Schneider-Kreuznach enlarging lenses are perfectly suited for this application by their high optical performance at small imaging distances, combined with a very low distortion. Due to the large image circle diameter the lenses can also be used for linear CCD cameras.

The helical mounts UNIFOC 58 and UNIFOC 76 are used for focusing the enlarging lenses, which do not contain any internal focusing mechanism. The helical mounts offer a total focus range (Z-axis travel) of 25.7 mm and differ only by their rear mount. The UNIFOC 58 has a “male“ T2 thread (M42 x 0.75). The UNIFOC 76 has a “male“ M58 x 0.75 thread. The UNIFOC 76 is the best choice for cameras with long linear CCDs.

Each UNIFOC has an internal „female“ Leica mounting thread (Ø39 x 26 Gg. 60°),
adaptable also to M39 x 1.

The final focus setting can be locked by a knurled locking thumb screw and additionally secured by an opposite Allen screw.

The helical mounts can be adapted easily with extension tubes and adapters to a wide range of imaging applications.

Overview over all lenses with image circle, mount and recommended magnification range, as well as accessories