HDSLR: New lenses for HD videography with full-format digital single-lens reflex cameras

Bad Kreuznach, 17.09.2012

At photokina 2012, Schneider-Kreuznach presents a new range of lenses especially for video applications with full-format single-lens reflex cameras.

It includes three fixed focal lengths: T2.1/75 mm, T2.1/50 mm and T2.1/25 mm. All lenses are available with Canon or Nikon mount. The first on the market is the 75 mm fixed focal length, which will be available from the first half of 2013.

The main feature of this new series is the precise manual focus ring, which means that the lenses can be used with professional accessories such as follow focus. As with all Schneider-Kreuznach lenses, they are robust enough to withstand intensive daily use without any problems. With a high luminous intensity and harmonious bokeh, they get the best out of the video function of large-format DSLR cameras, turning them into a professional tool for photographers who want to film. "In contrast to MPTV lenses from the Cine Xenar III range, the new HDSLR lenses are in particular designed for full-format digital single-lens reflex cameras," according to Daniela Kesselem, product manager at Schneider- Kreuznach. The lenses provide optimum results both with stills and motion picture.


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